Forever America Brands International is a prestigious jewelry manufacturer servicing some of the finest retailers throughout the region. Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing very unique and one of a kind fine diamond jewelry products.

We are highly committed to creativity, integrity and outstanding excellence in the diamond and jewelry trade. Some of our featured lines include the Dancing Diamond Collection, the Flip Diamond collection and our Floating Diamond collection. In addition we work hand in hand with our retail partners to design and manufacture any fine diamond jewelry line they wish to create for their stores or clients. It is our promise to always uphold our worldwide reputation for quality, value and integrity.

Forever America’s products and brands are only available within the finest jewelers and we continue to grow our collections in new and emerging markets worldwide. We are proud to invite you to partner with us as a supplier to grow your retail business and promote your brand.

We are proud to say that all of our products undergo strict quality control and are manufactured using genuine and fine quality diamonds.

For more information, please contact us at:

Florida Office: 954 404 6932
Email: foreveramericabrandsint@gmail.com